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Starbright Lighting USA

We understand LED technology and we know our products. We use this knowledge to make the job selecting the right lighting for our clients easy. LEDs are now able to make a serious impact on your lighting needs through increased lamp longevity, significantly reduced electricity cost, and elimination of serious environmental contaminants like CO2, mercury and damaging UV light.

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Our customers include City of Barberton, Hudson City Schools, Stow-Monroe Falls City Schools, Little Tikes, Taylor Electric, American Spring Wire, RG Thomas Electric, Marsam Metal Fabrication, CT Taylor Construction, and Bula Forge and Machine, Inc. and More!

Our outstanding corporate offerings include....

  • ROI Analysis – This is an especially opportune time to buy LED lighting. Many areas offer tax incentives and electric utility company savings when facilities upgrade to LED lighting. ROI periods of 1 to 2 years are common as well as continued significant electricity costs thereafter. Let us run an ROI for your facility!
  • Product Quality - Starbright Lighting USA directly represents multiple high-quality LEDmanufacturers whose LED lights (UL/ETL/DLC Listed) are designed and built for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. These products use the latest generation of Samsung®, Philips® and Cree® LED chips and Mean Well® power supplies. These State-of-the-Art components provide our clients the best possible value proposition.
  • Experience - Our certified, experienced and expert manufacturers have been building high-quality LED lighting for more than 15 years while dominating the European Market since 2009. They are well established, well capitalized and well positioned for continued growth in the North American market. Starbright Lighting USA is comprised of Electrical Engineers, LED Experts and a premier support staff. Our Principal Electrical Engineer has been working with LED’s since 1965 at Case Institute of Technology (now Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH).
  • Price Starbright Lighting USA is a Direct Wholesale Factory Distributor - no middle-man mark ups.
  • Availability -Our multiple warehouse’s are located in OH, KY, TX and CA. We can deliver most LED’s in days, not weeks or months.
  • Installation – Our licensed electrical contractors provide peace of mind with professional installations.
  • Certifications & Product Testing - LM79 and LM80 data is available for all of our LED Lighting products. Our products are UL or ETL and DLC Listed and qualify for all available rebates. Exterior ratings start at IP-65.
  • Warranty - Our LED’s are warrantied for 5yrs. but are designed and engineered to last far longer. Our warranty is simple- We will replace any luminaire failure at no charge once returned to our facility for verification.
  • Reliability - All of our industrial and commercial LED’s are designed for a minimum life span of 50,000 hours; at 12 hrs. per day = 11.4 years. You can expect our lights to perform 100,000 hrs. or 10 to 20 years under normal use.
  • Customer Satisfaction – You can expect 100% customer satisfaction from all of our associates!
  • Professional & Ethical Standards - We pledge to do business in a professional manor and maintain high ethical standards. We will always act in our client’s best interest. Our parent company has been in business over 25 yrs. and will be here to stand behind our products!