Free Site Visit and ROI Analysis


One of the most exciting aspects of requesting one of our representatives to visit your lighting project is you are taking the first step towards potentially getting your new LED lighting paid for in less than two years!


That's right! You up save up to 75% on your current lighting bill - every month - by replacing your present old lighting with LED lighting.


Call us at 800-614-1925 to set up a SITE VISIT or use the form below!

If you have some of the details of your present lighting, like the number of fixtures and the wattage of each one, we can even give you a rough estimate of your savings - the same day you call. The more accurate your information, the more accurate your ROI will be. If you're planning a new installation, we can give you a good idea of how LOW your electricity bill will be using LED's!


Remember, you may qualify in your community to receive a Utility Company REBATE and you may be able to claim addition tax savings too!


*we never will share your information